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Auto Injury TRIBUNE
(February 2021)


You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball

I recently had a conversation with some good friends that included some speculation about how the rest of this year will unfold. We’ve got a new president, there’s progress on the vaccine front, and it feels like we could be on track for a totally different year. Or are we? I told my friends, “I know what this year is going to be like. It’s going to be exactly like last year.” They laughed.....  CONTINUE READING


Make Friends Around the World

We’ve entered a new age of creating online friendships, and many are embracing them now more than ever before. Those in our online circles can provide tremendous support, and online communities make it easier to find people we connect with and who have similar interests or identities.

Of course, meeting people digitally poses many new questions..... CONTINUE READING


Walk From Here to Alabama

It’s true. You can walk from Cobb County right to the Alabama state line on the Silver Comet Trail. This 61.5-mile paved trail was converted from the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad, which whisked passengers to and from New York on a gleaming luxury passenger train for which the trail was later named: the Silver Comet. The line operated from 1947 to 1969, ...... CONTINUE READING





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