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Auto Injury TRIBUNE
(June 2021)


Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in Georgia?

Imagine that you’re cruising along in your car, obeying the speed limit, and using your turn signals appropriately. You can feel the gas and brake pedals under your feet because you’ve kicked off your shoes. Then a cop car approaches, and you get pulled over. If you’re like a lot of Georgia drivers..... CONTINUE READING


Is It Illegal to Use Headphones While Driving?

Some laws are more straightforward than others. Since the Georgia General Assembly passed the Hands-Free Georgia Act in summer 2018, some drivers have been confused about whether they’re allowed to wear headphones while driving. While headphones and Bluetooth headsets enable drivers to talk on the phone hands-free.....  CONTINUE READING


The Sad Truth About Increasing Speed Limits

In Georgia, the fastest you can legally drive is 70 mph, and that’s on the interstate. If you’re late to work, that might not feel fast enough, but consider this: Higher speed limits and serious injury or death go hand in hand. States regained control over setting local speed limits in 1995. In 1974, Congress established a 55 mph speed limit aptly named the National Maximum Speed Law..... CONTINUE READING





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