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Auto Injury TRIBUNE
(May 2021)


The Money You Might Be Leaving on the Table

I often write about personal topics in this space, but a law topic caught my attention recently and I wanted to share. As a longtime personal injury attorney, there’s not a lot I don’t know about Georgia Law that relates to my practice. But every now and again, I learn something new that I know will be valuable to my readers, too.....  CONTINUE READING


Save the Environment – With 5 Organization Hacks

You may want to throw away your bread tags, old rakes, and shower curtain rings, but what if you can reuse them for a more sustainable, organized lifestyle? You’ll never lose your remote control or confuse your power cords again, and it won’t even cost you anything extra..... CONTINUE READING


An Utterly Strange State Law

If you were to be arrested and jailed in our great state, you wouldn’t expect a luxury experience while in jail, but you would expect basic humane treatment, including regular meals and being able to properly tend to your bodily needs. According to Georgia Code Title 4, livestock are no different! In addition to feed and water provided “no less than twice a day,”..... CONTINUE READING





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