Work Injury TRIBUNE
(December 2021)

At GA Injury Advocates, Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr. and John Paul LaBouff have almost 50 years of combined experience in workers’ compensation. Helping injured clients is our priority. We know the ins and outs of workers’ comp in Georgia and what it takes to help injured workers seek justice.


We often take cases from firms that primarily practice real estate, family law, or criminal law. In addition to taking on cases other attorneys can’t handle, we’re glad to return the favor by referring out cases in your specialized field.

We’re the attorneys who lawyers call when they need help with workers’ comp cases.

Make sure your clients don’t miss out on workers’ comp benefits and a fair settlement. Send your workers’ comp cases to an attorney both of you can trust. We will do good work for your clients and you will receive a fee pursuant to the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. Call us at (770) 727-1990 to refer your clients to us. You and your client will be glad you did.


Not Hiring A Lawyer Can Severely Damage YOUR Case!

I have mentioned the importance of having a lawyer help you in a Workers’ Compensation case. Although most people should know how important it is to seek sound advice when they are injured, statistics show that many people fail to do so. Here are the four most common reasons that people don’t seek a lawyer’s help after...... CONTINUE READING



Not So Merry

Car Crashes During Christmas Resulted In More Than 90 Injuries And 20 Preventable Deaths. People often think of Christmas as the happiest day of the year, but it ended in tragedy for too many in 2020. Beginning at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Georgia State Patrol reported more than 250 collisions in only 72 hours. Those crashes resulted in more than 90 injuries..... CONTINUE READING



Ten Questions To Ask A Law Firm Before You Make The Important Decision To Hire Them

How much experience does your firm have in handling Workers’ Compensation cases?; How will you keep me informed about the progress and developments in my case?; How often will I hear from the lawyer or my case manager?; How quickly do you return client phone calls?; Have you ever been sued for legal malpractice?.... CONTINUE READING





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