Don’t Lose Your Right to a Valid Georgia Personal Injury Claim!

Do These 7 Things After an Accident Motor vehicle accidents are overwhelming and potentially catastrophic events. In less than a minute, your life can change, resulting in serious injury and sending you on a stressful and confusing journey to protect your rights. What’s even more frustrating is that insurance companies will almost certainly try to minimize your claim and make you settle for less than what you are Read More

New Georgia Law Governing the Passing of a School Bus

This new law changes how drivers approach stopped school buses in the State of Georgia. Previously, drivers traveling in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus on a four-lane road with a turn lane in the middle had to stop. Now, those drivers aren't required to stop. On two-lane roads, traffic in each direction still has to stop. “With school starting and Georgia law changing, it is important that we Read More

What To Tell Children About SCHOOL BUS Safety

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What the New Hands-Free Georgia Act Bans and Allows

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A Quick Guide to the Ways You Can Assert a Personal Injury Claim in a Truck Accident

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